Fondazione Paolo e Carolina Zani per l’arte e la cultura is the ideal place to host special events that require an exclusive setting, rich in art and beauty. The Casa Museo has in fact indoor and outdoor spaces, immersed in the lush garden, ideal for hosting events of great prestige and charm. Companies, public and private institutions can promote their image by linking it to the extraordinary artistic heritage of the collection of the House Museum. On the occasion of special events, exclusive guided tours are offered, to offer guests a truly unforgettable moment.

The spaces available have variable capacities and are variously equipped.

  • Conference room / Auditorium: The western portico, created as a connecting element of the main part of the villa with the guesthouse and the services, now houses a modern auditorium. Between columns and sculptures, the air-conditioned multifunctional room is suitable for events and/or museum activities, equipped with an electro-acoustic system, lighting system with directional spotlights, conference table, Samsung TV that can be connected to a laptop and 100 seats with fabric upholstery.

Particularly suitable for workshops and training activities, meetings, conferences and receptions.

  • Sitting area: relaxation area adjacent to the Auditorium, equipped with upholstered armchairs and table.

Service space available for catering or staff. Also referred to as a smoking area.

  • Nymphaeum and gazebo: the fulcrum of the scenographic garden of the House Museum is the nymphaeum. The rectangular shaped pool houses a selection of water lilies, lotus flowers and Japanese carp (koi). The nymphaeum is also animated by the water games of two fountains dating back to the second quarter of the eighteenth century, depicting a pair of cherubs with fish and mythological dolphin and a pair of cherubs with swan and overturned vase. Next to the tub, a gazebo houses an important Athenienne with a sarrancolin marble tub, the work of a French sculptor of the last quarter of the eighteenth century.

The nymphaeum and gazebo area is particularly suitable for hosting a catering service.

How to request: – 0302520479