Who we are

The aim of the Paolo and Carolina Zani Foundation for Art and Culture (officially recognized by the Lombardy Region with Presidential decree n. 413 on 10/30/2019, act id. n. 3687) is mainly to preserve, protect, and promote the Casa Museo and the art collection it contains. The Foundation also endeavors to support general culture by allocating funds for the formation of young people, through prizes and scholarships.

The official seat of the Foundation is located in the Casa Museo in Via Fantasina 8, in Cellatica.


The organs of the Foundation are:

The Board of Directors;
The President of the Foundation;
The Board of Auditors;
The Director of the Museum.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of seven members: Davide Mannatrizio, Patrizia Ondelli, Erika Portesi, Enrico Zampedri, Anna Zani, and Claudia Zola, who is also the President of the Foundation.

The Board of Auditors comprises three members: Marco Mattei, Giovanni Rizzardi, and Andrea Malchiodi, who is also the President of the Board.

Massimiliano Capella is entrusted with the direction of the Museum.

Paolo Zani (Brescia, 1945-2018)

Paolo Zani was an extremely successful entrepreneur in oil&gas and real estate (his most noteworthy enterprises were Liquigas, ReteItalia, and the Brixia Group), an extraordinary supporter of professional bicycle racing (his teams achieved a record number of victories), but above all a brilliant, stubborn, and very refined art collector. The extraordinary collection of paintings and works of applied art built up over thirty years of intense and passionate research is gathered in his family home in Cellatica (BS), where for many years he literally “inhabited art” together with his wife, Patrizia, and their daughter, Carolina. Now their home has become the Casa Museo Paolo e Carolina Zani, open to the public.

Carolina Zani (Brescia, 1990 - 2017)

After her business studies, a master’s degree from Bocconi University, and a significant experience in a multinational consulting corporation, she was hired by the family business. Carolina was extremely passionate about Egyptian art and an untiring supporter of associations devoted to the protection of the environment and wildlife. The logo with the angel, symbol of the Foundation that manages the Museum and bears her name and her father’s, was inspired by Carolina and her marvelous youth tragically ended by illness.


Grants are the main instruments through which the Paolo e Carolina Zani Foundation supports projects destined to promote general culture, young people, and their formation.

At the moment there are no grants available

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