On the occasion of the temporary exhibition Moon Flask and the charm of the East. White and blue in Ming and Quing porcelain, the House Museum offers unique and unforgettable experiences: ceremonies and workshops dedicated to the theme of the East!


The tea ceremony: a Japanese ritual that goes far beyond the simple consumption of a cup of tea, because it follows a very precise code of behavior and everything, from the programming of the event to the gestures to be made before drinking the drink, based on extremely precise rules.

The program includes an explanation of the ceremony and the utensils used and the preparation of a dessert served during the tea ceremony. Matcha tea preparation, tasting and short demonstration by the teacher.

When: 8 May, 3 pm (25 € including guided tour and tea ceremony)

Duration: 1 hour (guided tour) – 1 hour (tea ceremony)

Teacher: Izumi Kadose

NEW DATE: May 22, 3pm (€ 25 including guided tour and tea ceremony)


Kitsuke “The Dressing Ceremony”: a real ceremonial of great effect and deep beauty. The version proposed by us is the ceremony of the dressing of the YUKATA (浴 衣), the summer and informal version of the KIMONO. In this workshop it will be possible to dress a yukata helped by the teachers and learn and tie the obi, the belt, independently. Participants can wear yukata over their own clothes for the time of a walk or a souvenir photo.

When: 15 May, 3 pm (25 € including guided tour and dressing ceremony)

Duration: 1 hour (guided tour) – 1 hour (dressing ceremony)

Teacher: Yuri Kanazawa and Maki Kitamura


The origami ceremony: the Japanese term ORIGAMI (折 り 紙 from the verb oru = fold and kami = paper) indicates the ancient technique of folding paper for the creation of naturalistic forms, without the aid of scissors or glue. A true art form, origami finds more and more applications in the social and economic life of our time: advertising, graphics, fashion, scenography, design are some of the fields where origami finds its expression. During this workshop the teacher will explain how to make simple patterns of origami.

When: 29 May, 3 pm (20€ including guided tour and origami workshop)

Duration: 1 hour (guided tour) – about 1 hour (origami workshop)

Teacher: Alessia Ravelli (Italian Japanese cultural association Fuji, Brescia)


The proposals for adults are born from the collaboration with the Cultural Association Fuji that, for over 20 years, promotes the knowledge and dissemination of Japanese culture.


To participate in the guided tour of the House Museum and the side events you need a reservation: info@fondazionezani.com – 0302520479