Extraordinary extension of the temporary exhibition “Private Bernini. Strength and restlessness”!

Given the large turnout of the public, the temporary exhibition dedicated to Gian Lorenzo Bernini has been extended until Sunday 19 November 2023.

For another three weeks it will be possible to admire the canvases depicting Saint Sebastian, Samson and the Lion, exhibited to the public for the first time, the allegorical Angel and the Portrait of Martino Martini, as well as the bronze statue of the famous David.

To delve deeper into the art of the great genius of Baroque art, a new appointment is also planned:

Saturday 11 November, 3.30 pm: “Private Bernini: the sea of ​​blood”, conference by Dr. Angelo Loda.

The conference has free admission, upon reservation, and is preceded at 2.00 pm by a guided tour of the House Museum and Private Bernini exhibition with reduced admission (€10 each).

For info and reservations: info@fondazionezani.com – 0302520479