FEBRUARY, the month of Love!

February, the month of love, is upon us and the Casa Museo of the Fondazione Paolo e Carolina Zani wants to celebrate it with a couple of different celebration proposals!

What, then, is the best occasion to demonstrate love for art?

Here are the dedicated initiatives:

  • “Look of love”, which is linked to the temporary exhibition “Artist’s gaze. Giorgione, Carpioni, Guardi and Canaletto between mystery, myth and invention” open until March 13:  for the whole month of February couples who want to visit the museum together will be entitled to a free ticket and will thus be able to share a special emotion, surrounded by works of art that have love as a theme . From the valuable canvas by François Boucher that belonged to the king of France Louis XV depicting Venus in the forge of Vulcan in which a curious Cupid, seated on the anvil, holds an arrow in his right hand while with his left he caresses a dove, in the mythological procession of the Wedding of Bacchus and Arianna by Giambattista Tiepolo (1730-1735), passing through the absolute masterpieces of the Milanese cabinetmaker Giuseppe Maggiolini (1738-1814), an extraordinary pair of chests, a wedding gift for the Marquis Lodovico Busca Arconati and Luigia Serbelloni. Finally, the precious oil on glass already attributed to Luca Giordano with Venus and Adonis celebrates Adonis who, kneeling before Venus, welcomes in his left hand the foot of the goddess wounded by one of the arrows of Cupid. The episode, inspired by the Metamorphoses of Ovid, is immediately before the death of Adonis, bitten by a boar, during a hunting trip. At the point where Adonis’ blood fell, a fragile red anemone emerged.

Entry ticket: 10,00 €/7,00 €

  • “Fall in love AT the museum, fall in love WITH the museum”: every Saturday in February, at 3.00 pm, single visitors who are passionate about art and beauty, will be able to participate in a special guided tour of the collection of the Casa Museo enriched by a final drink included served in the suggestive and poetic frame of the greenhouse designed on the model of English glass and aluminum buildings. Inside the greenhouse there is a refined French wooden fountain painted white (last quarter of the eighteenth century) depicting a couple of maidens holding a vase with bearded mask, attributed to the French sculptor Nicolas Lhuillier.

Entry ticket: 10,00 € (drink included)

Access to the Casa Museo is only allowed by reservation: info@fondazionezani.com – 0302520479