Harvest Cup

Artist:François-Désiré Froment-Meurice (Paris1802 - 1855) (concept); Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume (Paris 1816 - Valmondois 1892) and Antoine Vechte (Vic-sous-Thil 1799 - Avallon 1868) (figures)

Date:1844 circa

Geographic area :Paris

Technique:gilded silver, agate, enamel, and pearls on a lapis lazuli pediment


The Harvest Cup owes its name to the subject of its setting, evocative of grape vines and inebriation. The oval cup carved out of agate with precious yellow nuances is supported by a gilded silver stem in the form of a vine on which winged putti are playfully climbing, while the female figure reclining on the grip represents Reason put to sleep by wine. On the handle there are also a salamander and a bird’s nest. The cup is mounted on an eight-sided lapis lazuli pediment with four silver feet in the shape of winged dragons. The base of the trefoil cup is decorated with cloisonné enamel and supports three figures representing Anacreon, Lot with one of his daughters, and Noah, allegories of poetic, erotic, and Dionysian inebriation.