Pair of Commodes

Artist:Giuseppe Maggiolini (Parabiago, Milan 1738-1814) on a design by Raffaele Albertolli (Bedano, Switzerland 1770 – Milan 1812) and Giocondo Albertolli (Bedano, Switzerland 1742 – Milan 1839), with inlays designed by Andrea Appiani (Milan 1754 - 1817)


Geographic area :Lombardy

Technique:inlaid, carved, and gilded wood; bronze with dark patina


The main body of these commodes is walnut, fir, and poplar, with inlays in bois de violette, bois de rose, rosewood, boxwood, maple, ash, cherry wood, walnut, and other fine woods. Caryatids in carved, gilded wood, six orders of gilded bronze cornices, two griffins on the front, and back feet in bronze with a dark patina. Marble top. On the front of one of the commodes is the picture of Diana’s chariot drawn by dogs, while its companion bears the image of Ceres’s chariot drawn by lions.
These two commodes (inv. 42.1 and 42.2) are undoubtedly the greatest masterpieces produced by the cabinetmaker Giuseppe Maggiolini in his entire career. They were made in 1789 for the wedding of Luigia Serbelloni (1772-1849), daughter of Duke Gian Galeazzo, with Marquis Lodovico Busca Arconati Visconti (1758-1841). The pieces were placed in their home, Villa Sola Busca in Tremezzo (Como).