07/15/2022 and 07/22/2022

In the Evening Especially!

In the last two weeks of the opening of the temporary exhibition Moon Flask Luna and the Charm of the East, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the blue and white porcelain masterpieces even in the evening!

The Casa Museo of the Paolo and Carolina Zani Foundation offers two exclusive evenings, Friday 15 July and Friday 22 July, with guided tours for adults and routes suitable for children.

A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauties of the house’s permanent collection and in its lush garden, scattered with over 400 works of art and enhanced by suggestive luminous sceneries.

For adults:

Single ticket: € 15

Guided tours at: 20, 20:30 and 21


For the little ones, Blu China:

Starting from the observation of the works exhibited in the exhibition, children (aged 6 and up) have the opportunity to experience the decoration on porcelain through the use of the Blue China color, taking home with them a memory of this special evening.

Special ticket for the laboratory: 5 €

Workshop at: 21


Access to the Casa Museo and the garden is allowed by reservation only: info@fondazionezani.com0302520479


Moon Flask and the charm of the East

White and blue in Ming and Quing porcelain

(01 April – 31 July 2022)

The temporary exhibition hall of the Casa Museo of the Paolo and Carolina Zani Foundation brings together for the first time a selection of the most refined white and blue porcelain from the Zani collection, in an evocative setting that aims to recreate a “porcelain room”, as it happened in the past. in the homes of noble collectors.

Special guest in the House Museum is a flask of the moon from the collections of Palazzo Madama in Turin. It is a rare example from the Ming period (early 15th century), embellished with highly refined geometric and plant motifs painted in cobalt blue on the white porcelain.

The prestigious loan is an opportunity to enhance the extraordinary collection of over 98 pieces of Chinese and Japanese porcelain in the collection, works mostly made under the Ming and Quing dynasties. Through the twelve rooms that make up the exhibition path of the House Museum it is possible to admire extraordinary examples of Japanese porcelain Kakiemon, Chinese Imari, Dehua (Blanc de Chine), Céladon, of the pink, green, white and blue family of the Ming, Kangxi and Qianlong, almost always in dialogue with European examples of the eighteenth century made in the factories of Meissen, Vincennes, Sèvres, Doccia in Sesto Fiorentino and in the Royal Ferdinandea.