Bernini Private

The strength and restlessness

8 September – 29 October 2023

Unpublished capable of influencing Roman Baroque painting characterized by the presence, in nuce, of the strength and restlessness that distinguished the highest sculptural results of the author. The pictorial production of Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598 1680) is the protagonist of the dossier exhibition at the Casa Museo Fondazione Paolo e Carolina Zani which celebrates the great genius of Baroque Rome through a selection of precious paintings from the private collection of Fabiano Forti Bernini, heir to the ‘artist.

The exhibition project is coordinated by Massimiliano Capella Director of the Casa Museo Fondazione Paolo e Carolina Zani, with Steven F. Ostrow and Francesco Petrucci among the leading experts of the Baroque artist.

The study-exhibition offers a selection of four paintings together with the famous bronze statue of David from the Borghese Gallery, kept for centuries in the family collection.

In the intimate atmosphere of the room dedicated to temporary exhibitions, David is the pivot around which the canvases depicting San Sebastiano, Samson and the Lion radiate, exhibited to the public for the first time, the allegorical Angel and the Portrait of Martino Martini.

The title of the exhibition reaffirms the intimacy of the vision, at the same time referring to the daily private dimension which, with the exception of exhibition occasions such as the aforementioned, characterizes the vision of the Collection.

In consideration of the fact that the Casa Museo Fondazione Zani constitutes one of the most important Baroque art collections in Italy, the works of the architect, sculptor and painter who made strength and movement immortal in seventeenth-century art are placed in dialogue with the over 100 sculptures and furnishing accessories from the Baroque and late Baroque periods that punctuate the sumptuous rooms of the House Museum and the spectacular garden that surrounds it.

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