November 5, 2021 – March 13, 2022

The temporary exhibition “Artist’s gaze. Giorgione, Carpioni, Guardi and Canaletto between mystery, myth and invention” is set up in the temporary exhibitions room integrated with the permanent exhibition of the Fondazione Paolo e Carolina Zani (BS). “A new exhibition project that starts, once again, from the precise desire to enhance the heritage of the House Museum, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for new and transversal cultural itineraries. The museum, with its collections, in fact remains our point of reference”, remembers Massimiliano Capella, director of the Casa Museo.

The works chosen for the exhibition allow, given the central location in the exhibition path of the Casa Museo, to create a dialogue with some selected paintings from the permanent collection (in particular with those by Canaletto, Bellotto, Tiepolo, Guardi), moving however the observation point of the viewer from the artist’s style to his identity. The selected portraits allow in fact to start a reflection on the image of the artist in the Venetian area of ​​the 17th and 18th centuries, between invention, celebration and a pinch of mystery.

The four works on display offer a complete range of portraiture in the Baroque period. If the work of Pietro della Vecchia is in fact essentially a portrait of invention, that of Carpioni is instead a self-celebrating portrait, a function also confirmed by the existence of numerous versions made by the artist. Carpioni wanted to highlight in this self-portrait both the introspective accent and the particular attention to the motions of the soul. The portrait of Canaletto made by Antonio Visentini for the title page of the series “Prospectus Magni Canalis Venetiarum” is definitely commemorative. Finally, a sort of homage by Pietro Longhi to his colleague Francesco Guardi is the beautiful portrait of 1764 in which the painter is immortalized in intimacy, as in a snapshot stolen when the artist was busy painting in his studio.


The Educational Services of the Casa Museo have developed a specific proposal for children and teenagers. The workshops and thematic itineraries can be booked by schools of all levels or by families as part of the “Family Museum” program which is available every Saturday and Sunday, for the entire period of the exhibition, at 3 pm. a special entrance ticket of € 5.00 per child / teenager for participation in the workshop / educational path and € 5.00 for adult “companions” participating in the guided tour. Two extraordinary opportunities to visit the exhibition, to approach the genre of the portrait, to know its characteristics of form and meaning, between history and curiosity.

Che faccia ti faccio!

(laboratory, for children 5+)


After a brief visit to the exhibition, boys and girls are invited to observe their partner and to create a portrait with the technique of tempera painting, which brings out details, passions or curiosities about the subject represented, not necessarily realistic.

Chi sei? Inchieste ad arte tra storia e invenzione

(thematic route, for children 9+)


The boys and girls are guided to visit the exhibition, dedicated to highlighting the peculiar aspects of the portrait genre. In particular, they are involved in an investigation, intended to identify the subjects represented, starting from the clues given.

For info and reservations: Access to the Casa Museo and the exhibition is only allowed upon reservation by calling 0302520479 or email

Opening hours

Tuesday-Friday: 9-13; Saturday-Sunday: 10-17

Tickets Casa Museo – Exhibition

Full: 10€

Reduced: 7€