Fondazione Paolo e Carolina Zani per l’arte e la cultura

e GAPP-Gender in Action for Politics and Public Policies


The female represented

Cycle of 6 meetings dedicated to women and their representation in politics, art, cinema, media, music and fashion.

Italy is not a country for women. A sentence pronounced too many times, an indication of a gender gap that is still extremely tangible today, both in the field of work and in social and political participation.

The gap between men and women is also highlighted every year in the reports of the World Economic Forum, the OCS and the European Union, but it cannot be fully understood, and therefore fought, if the cultural substratum that makes it possible is not taken into account. and, above all, if we do not consider how women and their bodies are represented in our society. The feminine continues to be visually conveyed through stereotypes and, too often, undergoes a real distortion in the collective imagination. With the aim of arousing and cultivating a new cultural awareness, the series of meetings entitled “The female represented”, therefore, intends to open a transversal debate on how women have been and are still represented today in politics, in the media, in cinema. , in art, music and fashion. Animated by experts but accessible to all, the conferences are free, open to the wider public and also to teachers, students and the world of women’s associations.


  • September 24: The freed woman. Fashion and art from Chanel to Dior

Massimiliano Capella (Paolo and Carolina Zani Foundation for art and culture)

  • 1 October: Art for women. From Rosalba Carriera to Angelika Kaufmann

Angelo Loda (Superintendence of artistic heritage of Brescia and Bergamo)

  • 8 October: The (in) visible woman – the feminine in the cinema

Ilaria Feole (TV film, Brescia Museums Foundation – Nuovo Eden)

  • October 22: Too desirable or not enough. Women and their bodies in politics.

Martina Avanza (University of Lausanne and GAPP Association, Gender in Action for Politics and Public Policies)

  • November 5: Women and advertising, still stereotypes?

Alice Palumbo (GeCo, Catholic University of Brescia)

  • November 19: The woman in music

Carla Moreni (Il Sole 24 Ore / Brescia and Bergamo International Piano Festival)

At 3 pm there will be a guided tour of the collection of the Casa Museo and the temporary exhibition Rosalba Carriera. The Venetian that portrays the Europe of the eighteenth century “

Information and reservations

The conferences are free admission upon reservation: – 0302520479