The first edition of the Contest Camera Museum, aimed at enhancing the historical and artistic heritage of the Casa Museo and the garden through photography, has come to an end. A first selection in the summer months reduced the number of over fifty applications admitted to the second and final phase of the photo contest to 10. 10 students of the Academies of Fine Arts from all over Italy thus had the opportunity to try their hand at portraying, through the lens of their camera, objects from the collection of the Casa Museo and suggestive views of the scenic garden, submitting a total of thirty shots to the jury of decidedly heterogeneous taste and style: from the clear architectural vision of the house and garden, to the ethereal suggestions of artistic details suspended between dream and reality.

The work of the evaluation commission, composed of Mariagrazia Beruffi (photographer), Massimiliano Capella (director of the Casa Museo-Fondazione Paolo and Carolina Zani for art and culture) and Massimo Tantardini (professor and coordinator of the Diploma Course in Graphics and Communication of the Accademia Santa Giulia), led to the identification of the winners of the four prizes: 1st place, € 2500; 2nd place, 1500 €; 3rd place: 700 €; social prize: € 300. “For the Fodazione Paolo e Carolina Zani this is a new moment of support and openness to young people who, thanks to their artistic vision, will allow the photographic archive of the Casa Museo to be increased” declares Massimiliano Capella, director of the Casa Museo of the Fondazione Zani. “We shared the Contest Camera Museum from the outset because in its aims it corresponds to the peculiarities of our university-level academic training: to light up in young people a new and acute gaze on the reality around them and, with the skills acquired – in this case photographic – knowing how to give it back to the world with the added value of art, culture and technology ”, completes Cristina Casaschi, director of the SantaGiulia Academy in Brescia.

1st place: € 2500

Total commission points 26

Photo Divinity

CANDIDATE Botticini Nicolò

Essential image where the subject comes out of a deep black that enhances the canons of classic beauty. Minerva, with harmony, balance and perfect proportions, dominates the scene, but the statuesque immobility manages to come to life thanks to the play of water drops. In fact, although crystallized by the shot, they are dressed in light, shapes and movement, creating charm in an image that makes an ancient work of art vibrant and closer to the truth.

2nd place: 1500 €; social reward: € 300 with a total of likes: 1.101

Total commission points 25

Photo Reflections

CANDIDATE Debora Giacomini

The author was able to capture the most intimate aspect of the environment. Yes, we are in a museum but above all in a house that has lived lives, stories and feelings. The image welcomes us with warm tones, the suffused atmosphere, the blur and the light that magically envelops us. Art becomes home, safety and belonging to a place that crosses the times. The poet Robert Frost in 1914 read: “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in” and we, thanks to this image, were “brought in”.

3rd place: € 700

Total commission points 24

Untitled Photo 2

CANDIDATE De Paolis Veronica Eleonora

The image is complete and powerful. It reproduces an alignment of senses, that is, a connection between the person who took the photo, the viewer and an indefinite time. Today, yesterday? Who cares? The choice of black and white and the bust of the god Sylvan emerging from the shadows in an almost theatrical scene give importance but also mystery. Almost a dream presence that dominates our imagination. We are in the place of art where beauty is mysterious, sometimes nebulous, but here it is art that takes place, that is, the space where we recognize ourselves and our memory.