Artist:attributed to André Charles Boulle (Paris 1642 - 1732) and Etienne Levasseur (1721-1798)


Geographic area :France

Technique:ebony inlaid with tortoiseshell, pewter, and copper; gilded bronze and marble top


Oval commode with three drawers, ebony veneer with tortoiseshell and pewter inlay on gilded copper background. Top in cherry-red marble. On the front, a frieze of acanthus leaves surmounts three drawers, the fronts of which are decorated with plant volutes and pewter flowers on a gilded copper background; the rounded sides are decorated with leaves and have detached tapered columns that end in vine-shaped bases. The gilded bronze decoration is lavish: the frieze of acanthus leaves, the frames, the roses, the handles, the masks, acanthus volutes, and spiraling bases. The commode has six feet.