Living Room Set Comprising One Sofa and Two Armchairs

Artist:Georges Jacob (Cheny, Burgundy 1739 – Paris 1814)

Date:1780 circa

Geographic area :France

Technique:carved, lacquered, gilded wood and embroidered satin


The specific embroidery used for this living room set is known as satin brodé aux Indes. The animal subject set in a woodland landscape is inspired by Jean de la Fontaine’s Fables and was probably executed by the Aubusson tapestry manufacture (a set with the same design was sold by Hôtel Drouot, June 16-17, 1911, lot n. 212). On the other hand, the design of the upholstery may be an invention by the artist Jean Baptiste Oudry (Paris, 1686 – Beauvais, 1755), who specialized in still lifes, hunting scenes, and animals.